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Originally Posted by TheHighHat

A bit low is an understatement. Those are the type of scores I'm getting, low to mid 20s. This card should easily be nearly double.

Redeemed: how does it perform for you in the games you mentioned? (I'm assuming you have the 8800GTS, right? What are your system specs? Please share.)

This is troubling because I cannot move on to useful workloads until I know it is running correctly.
Well, my system is poorly configured to be honest.

I'm running a s754 3400 on the EPoX 8NPA-Sli mobo, with 2GB DDR500 ram (@ DDR500).

I know my CPU is a huge bottleneck for theset two cards (yes, I'm running dual 8800GTSs). But in '01 I doubt my CPU would be that huge of an issue. So I'm not sure what the culprit is. Latest drivers, latest BIOS update, etc. I'm going to be upgrading in a few weeks to a better setup (ASUS A8N32 SLi mobo+ Opty 185) and I'll re-test then to see if that changes anything. I'm wanting to run Vista x64 (Ultimate) on that setup so I'll try it under XP and Vista to see what's up.
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