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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by Roliath
Here's my setup in my room.
Main reason for the purchase of the TV was my Xbox 360 and watching movies from my PC through the TV.
TV = Mitsubitshi WD-52631 1080p
Receiver = Harman Kardon AVR320
Speakers = Infinity something or other (can't remember model) they're decent but not great.

I didn't think much when getting good pictures since I was recording South Park (should have setup DVD through 360 or something). I will say that SD looks like crap on this TV though but I will chalk that up to my crappy Sat Connection, that will be fixed once my HD Receiver comes in. I also ordered the AVIA Dvd to hopefully help me properly calibrate my TV but I am thinking about getting it calibrated by an ISF Tech.

Questions / comments?
Nice setup man I"m loving the mounted disc rack. Mind sharing where you got it?
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