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Default Re: Projection vs LCD

My 3 year warranty where I bought mine from includes bulb replacement. And viewing angles are definetely not bad at all. LCoS has improved much over the old CRT projection sets. I have had no issues so far with viewing angles. If you decide to sit at a huge angle to the TV, that's your own problem.

And also there's much more at play here. Let's see, get a 55-60" 1080p set and have amazing movie/game/so on experience, or get a measly 37" set? It makes a huge difference. Hell I find that a 61" set makes quite a big difference compared to my 52" set, and going from my CRT HDTV 36" set (which is by the way very good at everything including SD) to my 52" set is a huge difference as well. It's a whole new experience.
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