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Default Re: spend my money!!!

I have a 52" JVC 720p set (it's like $1400 at Best Buy now I think). I didn't get a 1080p set because when I bought mine (during summer) over here in Canada only the Sony LCoS XBR1 was available (the original "SXRD") and it was ridiculously expensive. Anyway, I like my set a lot so I can recommend JVC on general.

I have seen the Samsung 61" HLS87 in store and played around with it (had Xbox360 and Blu-Ray player hooked up to it and a HTPC) and it was a nice TV. I watched some DVD samples on that one, Master and Commander and Gladiator and they looked amazing.

Here are some more tips from what I know:

JVC sets
- crappy menus
- VGA port is useless
- good factory calibrated mode called Theater which is 6500k colour temperature (the ntsc standard, all those "dynamic"/"vivid" modes that you see at the store or so called "overbright" mode, are not how movies are meant to be seen lol)

Samsung sets
- may accept 1080p over component with Xbox360? (I recall hearing that from someone on this forum)
- needs to enable some option in service menu to enable 1:1 pixel mapping (I think, if you buy one of these sets, visit AVSforum and ask on there, it's probably pretty easy and straightforward)

That's about what I know.
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