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Default Driving the HD DVD Juggernaut: Microsoft's Amir Majidimehr

This is a really good interview, actually. One of my favorite parts being:

What about storage? I assume today's current HD DVD players are lacking in any considerable amount of hard drive space?

Yes. Current HD DVD players have around 128mb of non-volatile memory. And things like subtitles and graphics don't take up much space. But above and beyond that, yes, you would need to add additional storage. The Xbox 360 and PCs obviously have ample storage. The Toshiba HD DVD players have USB connectors for external storage. So that could be added.

Longer term, we think we can sort of blur the line between packaged media, in this case optical discs, and digital downloads. In that you can download all the extras, starting from the one disc you've bought. Because once you bridge from the optical to the Internet, you get the best of both worlds. You have the instant gratification of your original purchase, then you can also go online for added content -- anything from a new ending to the movie, to even a direct-to-video sequel for it, or other possibilities.

Sounds like any concerns over storage limitations with HD-30 can be solved with bigger hard drives...

That's what we've been saying -- HD DVD really has infinite storage. Because it mandates networking and Internet connection in the spec. So you really can go well beyond the disc itself. And the experience is seamless -- again, with HDi, the menus can be changed, as if the disc originally shipped with all that new material. It fully updates the disc.
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