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Default Re: Driving the HD DVD Juggernaut: Microsoft's Amir Majidimehr

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
And you say Sony talks out of their asses?
Yeah. MS and HD DVD actually deliver.

Sounds like a great marketing campaign! So, in closing, what do you want consumers, who may be on the fence between the two high-def formats, to know about HD DVD?

Look at the reality of the technology and what we are delivering; don't look at paper specs and hype. Look at the products in the market. We now have over 150 HD DVD titles, and the quality speaks for itself. People thought you needed a more expensive format like Blu-ray, and now they realize you really don't. When you look at HD DVD, it does everything we said it was going to do -- and then some. Which surprised even our biggest critics. That's been our motto -- deliver the best experience possible. Design it well from day one, get all the pieces together, and execute it well. And in the end, the consumer will make up their own mind.
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