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Honestly, GF4's colour saturation/quality is WAY better than any Radeon serieses (xcept R9700)

After nVIDIA announced they'll upgrade their 2D quality and overall image quality, that ACTAULLY happened.

I'm using Digital Vibration at medium and the colour quality is WAY more BETTER than RADEON serieses. Should I say VIVIDER?

I also had radeon 64 vivo/radeon 8500 LE. Game performance was FUC*ing stupid with that videocards, I have to say. I guess you don't want me to talk about the ****ty driver suport too.

You rage3d people say after Catalyst it's been better, sometimes better than nVIDIA driver. I agree little bit.

But, do you wanna know what I'm gonna say to that?

DUH! There are still heck alot of artifact with RADEON series (I don't even think they'll be fixed)

Example? AvP 2/Aquanox/etc...

You wanna know one simply good thing about GF4? I can run any ****ty old game that requires old 3d accerlation feature without any problem. I still playing the shadows of the empire at 1024*768*16 with 4Xs AA without any artifacts. Pertty impressive huh?

Yes, I agree about the sharpness of the textures, but who cares? Everything looks normal to me even with bilinear filtering and Quincnuxx Anti Aliasing.

After Digital Vibration is enabled, there's no videocard that can make that VIVID colour setting. (again, xcept R9700)

So you littlte TROLL, LEAVE THE EARTH!!!


P.S. #2

You never tried the nVDVD... Radeon DVD = nVDVD = Anyother DVD program. (If you don't believe me, check any nVDVD review website)

P.S. #3

The 2D sharpness between GF 4 and R9700?

check any Ati refresh rato issues. Hope you know the differences between higher/lower refresh rate...
P.S. #4

That was my revenge time. I got wasted by telling "GF4 is good" at the RAGE3D heheh!!!
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