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Default Re: 1080i Bug with Component Video Output 6150

Ok. I am using the M2NPV-VM motherboard and have a tv which only accepts component input. I did have the blue problem you mentioned. It was due to not forcing the TVOutFormat to COMPONENT and the TVStandard to HD1080i. Both of these settings are documented in the nvidia README for the latest release of the drivers (version 9746). I did have to install these drivers via the nvidia supplied shell script, not via Synaptic. The drivers that come with Edgy do not understand COMPONENT and I think are sending COMPOSITE to one of the cables (probably the blue one).

So now my problem is that the linux desktop is way bigger than the screen at the desired resolution of 1920x1080. I can size windows to make them exactly fit the screen, but I can't get to any toolbars on the desktop since they are off the top or bottom. I hope to resolve this last issue soon.
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