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Default Re: XBox 360 games comparison on SDTV vs HDTV

I've seen Oblivion on a sdtv at a friends house, I've played it on my pc with my 7900gtx, i've played it for 360 on my crt @ 1280x1024 same res as I did with pc...truuuuust me, the sdtv version can look good for tv standards, yes, I noticed fight night round 3 looks impressive friend swore hdtv's and monitors would make no difference. Refused to check out my versions for months......then he bought Condemned and screamed about how it was too dark, he couldn't see anything, and he doesn't know why the "idiots made the game this dark" "You ought to play Doom 3", I replied.. j/k. I told him bring the game over and it will look fine on my monitor....needless to say, he left my place and went right out and bought a vga adapter and I still give him sh*t to this day

You obviously have a monitor, you have a 360, what's $30 more dollars for a vga adapter so you can view games in there intended graphical glory.
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