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Default Re: Xbox 360 / DX10 ?

Originally Posted by Lyme
That isn't exactly true, nor exactly false. The 360 gpu built by ati can be considered the first unified shader architecture. As well simply because it runs a modified version of dx9c doesn't mean that it doesn't have the capability to be a dx10 part. The underlying reason for the confusion is that as it is a console only part, it only needs to comply with what the console needs. It is sort of like asking about gasoline engine parts for a diesel, it just doesn't work that way.

But should you be asking the contrived question: If you were to take the graphics parts from the 360 and make a pc video card from them, could it be a dx10 part? Sure.

Then see, it makes me wonder why they didn't develop it around dx10, I mean they're microsoft, they friggin' MAKE directX, your telling me you can't get it into a console in time for your launch?

Isn't xbox based around dx8 while ps2 and cube engines around dx7? That visual difference is there.

I can't help but feel 360 would have a hell of an edge if it were capable of games like crysis-in all it's glory. It would also help the systems life cycle...
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