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Default Re: X server does start but with wrong refresh rate

Thank you MNKyDeth and netllama very much.

Indeed I had the problem even in the game or in other users accounts. I found that kubuntu "system settings" might corrupt or overwrite the xconfig options. (kdm is ok but when I enter kde, every thing is messed up: low resoltution,blur,...). I read somewhere that the problem may be from linux-restricted-9746 package(which I first installed during 9746 driver installation) that does not support MX4000. Then I passed through several driver install-reinstall processes but again with no success. Now I am downloading gnome and will test it. I will also test the 9631 driver with a new SUSE 10.2 installation and compare the results.

I will tell you what I will find.
Thank you very much.

[ps: Although MX4000 is mentioned in the list of supported cards by 9746, but during installation it says that it is unsupported. So this list may need an update.]

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