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Default Re: Zelda Twilight Princess CE Leather Strategy Guide

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
So I bought this today. It's a nice guide. If you like Zelda and can appreciate a piece of artwork (and have an extra $35 to spend) then this guide is for you. If not, then forget it, it really offers nothing that the regular guide doesn't.

But they are only printing 10,000 copies, so in a few months this will be a rare collector's edition.

It is bound in leather hardcover, which is really nice and smooth, plus it has a golden triforce symbol embroidered on the front cover. No bling, bling, just an old school looking book, that looks like it would literally exist in the Zelda world in some secret library in Hyrule Castle. The edges of the pages are plated in gold as well.

The cloth map it includes is about the nicest cloth map I've ever seen for any game.

So if you are a collector of Zelda and can appreciate a little artistic design, then this book is for you. Otherwise forget it.
With the way your gushing I bet the pages are already stuck together with your man juices all over them. Did you also get the doll with the matching triforce brush?
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