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Default Re: F.E.A.R. to PS3 a sad story.

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD
While Day 1 has done a great job with the feel of the game, it unfortunately hasn't done so well with the visuals. All of the effects from the PC and Xbox 360 releases are here, like blurring when you enter slow-mo, particle effects aplenty, chips in the scenery from bullet holes and such, but it just doesn't look very sharp. To put it simply, the whole game is quite blurry. We're not just talking texture detail, which is indeed not very good, but the video looks like it's been rendered at a low resolution and then upscaled to HD. The framerate mostly holds steady, though there are a few blips or loading pauses here and there, but the main problem really is a lack of sharpness.

This just shows how bad the PS3 actually is, the more time a new game is about to be released they just simply cant beat the gfx on the 360. What is the point now ? a game that they had more time in the world to make it look hell alot better then 360 and pc together.

Just feel sorry for all the ps3 fans who bougt the damn thing expensive as hell , isure would not want to hear news like that.
I am so sad by this news it's not even funny.

Somehow I don't see many people wanting to shell out the $$$ for something that is FREE on the pc. (MP anyway)
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