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Default Re: Suse 10.2: Can't install nVidia drivers. Tried Everything.


I've tried for 13 hours (searching thousands of webpages) to install the nVidia drivers on OpenSuse 10.2. In a few minutes I'm going to install another OS... just letting people know what my problem was.

#1- Recommended Method: Yast

Installing via Yast doesn't work. The kernel module is installed, but cannot be mod-probed.


I just installed five machines with the yast method , from the same source in one hour.

All worked but one: NVDIA driver indeed.
Mine is CPU: AMD-64 X2 :MB: Asus MN2e Vidoecard: asus card with 7300 chipset.
The nvidia.ko has the right version number (same as kernel) but does not load.
Error message from X :
engine not found (after the nvidia.ko is loaded)
and later :

No screens.
abort back to terminal screen
Removing the driver ( de install with yast) makes all work

Maybe you ventilate your method and see where you go wrong..
Mention versions of CPU Motherboard card
Installation method , installation source..

You are wrong if you say there is nothing to update : if your source is a CD or dvd image.. Right if you did a network install : but even than there is an update in the process

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