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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

Yes, I am running Vista x32 with Vanguard, no problems yet.

Sorc is a damage dealers dream. I ran one in Beta.

Here are some general useful tips for a starting Sorc. Make sure you carefully read what each spell does, its area of effect, and its range. Keep things snared or stunned as much as possible. If you decide to run from a creature, or pull it to another loc, do not back away, you move at a crawl when you do that. Instead, turn and run, then turn back when you are ready. You can pan around your character to see the creature's distance. Naturally, don't turn your back on creatures or characters with heavy rear attacks unless they are stunned or out of range.

When your spells are out of range on a targeted creature they are dim. Always start your attacks when they just light up, or a creature is max casting distance from you. Don't try to spam a spell. Time your casts as it refreshes. If you hit it before it refreshes you will likely cause a costly delay that could be avoided if you just stay cool.

Use third person view with the camera pulled away from your character as far as possible in areas with lots of aggro creatures, and in PvP. Away and slightly up is best. Regularly pan around your character. That should help reduce surprise attacks.

Keep the clipping plane maxed so can see creatures and your environment as early as possible. Turn grass off in areas with squat creatures that could hide in it, ie snakes. Red named or highlighted creatures = aggressive. They will attack you if you move within a certain range. You may carefully "work" that range. I've danced through many areas with aggro creatures by timing my movement, and their movement plus distance.

You don't take death penalties in game, and are not PvP enabled until level seven.

In MMOs it is important to not only know your class but the strength and weaknesses of other classes. That will help you with grouping and in PvP.

Oh yeah, save sprint for real emergencies.

Sorc is a great class you should enjoy. You may want to create a Psionicist as well to see how you like that compared to the Sorc.

BTW in Oblivion I always played a custom class that was basically an Assassin and an Illusionist.

Good luck on your test!
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