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Default Re: And the PS3 price in Denmark is...

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit
Would it have anything to do with import tariffs or trade agreements?

The US and Japan get along pretty well, so I don't think we stick heavy tariffs on goods imported from there, so that might explain the lower US price as compared to Europe.

Though, I don't know for sure....thank God I don't have to pay that much for a console. I'd be pissed.
I wish that were the case, but it's simply down to greed alone.

The UK has good relations with Japan economically , the sole reason they can get away with charging high prices here is simply because... the cost of living is stupidly high anyways, so it's expected.... as if people wouldn't notice. There's a big proportion of pole smokers who think it's perfectly reasonable to charge such a price.

I can get a PAL Premium 360 with six new region free titles for 250 inc VAT , shipping and whatever other taxes they want to throw in.

Compared to 500+ for a PS3.
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