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Default Re: Vista Application Compatibility Thread

Originally Posted by Bman212121
Everything seems to be in order here. The install shield didn't work correctly, so I had to use winrar to get the setup file extracted from the file that you download, but it installed just fine. It's been a while since I used it, but I'm assuming the profile loadout is working fine. I created my own profile, and added in a macro that was programmed onto the red keyset. I had no problems using the alt key set, or it running the macro, and all of the buttons seemed to work correctly. You should be good as far as that is concerned. *Used the v3.0d drivers from belkin*
Sweet ty man, Belkin never released a driver for vista, I tryed to use the v3.0d drivers from belkin in RC2 and it would let me use the profile it was greyed out and wouldn't work. Thanks for going through the trouble of testing it man.
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