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Default nforce2 with Matrox G550?


I run Debian Linux testing (sarge), 2.4.20-6 kernel.

I had a 2-yr-old Abit motherboard die (north bridge chip fan died, chip overheated, dead board. Thanks Abit!), so I went in search of something reliable. Heard good things about Epox on the web and from the guy at Fry's so I got one, with AMD 2000 chip, 512MB DDR. Put it all together, it booted, so far so good.

But no X. I read through dmesg, see the agpgart errors, went searching, and I see there's source for the nforce2 chip. Good of you to provide source! If you did that for your graphics cards, I would consider them.

Then I see the FAQ answer that there's no 3D support for non-Nvidia cards. I don't play games so I don't care about 3D support. Does this driver support 2D graphics for a Matrox card?

thanks in advance,
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