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Default Re: Driver 9629 Freezes when using 3d stuff

I'm experiencing these problems myself and I keep getting an annoying error when I'm trying to manually install the nvidia drivers.

ERROR: You do not appear to have libc header files installed on your system.
Please install your distribution's libc development package.

I've installed several libc header files from the package downloader, and yet I still get this error. I don't want to waist HDD space and install every single one, so maybe someone could inform me on which libc header files I require.

Thank you.

Edit: Ah, I finally got it to install, but I still have this problem. I cannot think of anything that could be the problem now, I've done everything suggested here, and on many other forums that have topics about this. If anyone has any new information about this, please say something. THanks.

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