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Default RE: Bad FPS on 4200ti?

yep, AGP's enabled. and i'm using 2.4.20rc1 which has support for the kt400 AGP. I'm not using nvidia's AGP driver since the kt400 isnt listed as officially supported (yet?)

I switched my machine on 2day and my glxgears is running at almost 7000FPS (6800 or so on average). Still, it's a far cry from the 10000 to 11000FPS i used to get at times (even clocked a little over 19000 the one time. but just the once). I'm guessing it *might* be an AGP driver problem, so i've compiled AGP as a module.

Still, i'd like some specs on the FPS others are getting. I play unreal 2003 and there are noticeable jerks at times. Someone I know with a 1ghz machine and a el-cheapo GF4 MX has the game running quite smoothly (on windows), so I expect linux to perform similarly.


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