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I don't see any increases in AGP having that much impact on games. As video cards tend to come with stacks of memory anyway there isn't much need for the card to access the system memory in order to grab textures etc.

The area in which it will have most impact, IMO, is in digital media streaming technologies. Where the bandwidth is required because you are displaying GBs\sec of data.

Mind you having said that the new 128bit colour specs will require a phenominal amount of bandwidth. At 1024x768 as close as I can make out, using nVidias method in the LMA docs, it would be:


and at higer resolutions it gets a bit insane. At 1600x1200:


Maybe super large textures will need the bandwidth that AGP can provide!?

By the way, at 32bit colour the requirement for a 1600x1200 display is 5.76Gb\sec which is pushing the envelope on the GF4. But gives plenty of space for the R300, maybe that's why ATi wanted the preview tests run at 1600x1200? At lower resolutions and without eyecandy on the difference isn't as impressive.
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