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Default Re: And the PS3 price in Denmark is...

Originally Posted by S.I.N
Again, higher standard of living. We work more and make less than you guys. No?
May be true for Denmark (though I'm not so sure), but not for Europe as a whole. Here, e.g., the average wage is around 1000-1100 euro (per month), and the PS3 is expected to sell for 599 euro (that is $779), or 54.4% of the average wage. The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (nationwide) gives an average wage of about $578/week in December 2006, thus let's say $2000-2200 / month. Thus giving you a PS3 price in the States of about 27.5-30% of the average monthly wage. Talk about higher standard of living and "working more and making less than you guys"
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