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Originally Posted by cosmix06
ok well i figured that out but now it says i am running a x server and i need to exit x to continue install... what do i do?
#Note this procedure is suse bias and appliable mostly to all but Debian type distributions
It is a simple procedure:
# select a non graphical terminal
press control and alt
Keep them pressed
and add f1 ( functionkey one)
You have now selected tty1
#logon as root
You see login
Type root
Type the password of root

You will get a prompt : with the directory name
probably <hostname>:~#
name of the machien ~=home#= usually a sign of root

#switch off graphical mode
now go to a mode which is tekst only: so no grafical userinterface
on Suse that is mode 3
Check your own Os for that
init 3

The operating system will report when it has arrived on mode 3

#install the nvidia drivers
go to the directory where you have installed the nvidia install procedure

cd <directory name >

type ls -l
check if the program you have to run : is executable
you will see groups of characters like this

(permissions for owner - group - others)

if the first four characters have no x in in

-rwx------ not something like that
type chmod 700 <XXX>.sh
type ls -l
Bingo it now has -rwx------
yes first a ./

now the installation program will run..

when it has stopped

#Install the drivers and X

run sax2
sax2 : see if you like what sax2 has to offer
It shows a best automatic option : if it looks ok accept it : otherwise choose by hand

if ok save

test by running X


kde or gnome will start
if all is OK press ctrl alt + backspace

This will kiss the graphical screen : ctrl alt f1 , and than ctrl c will do the same
leave the non graphical mode

by typing init 5
# init five on suse redhat will start all options multiuser networking graphical logon

if you are used to shell and X this procedure is done automatically
otherwise let yast do the trick for you

On suse the best and easyist method is install via yast : updates from kernel and Nvidia will then be done in future also
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