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Default Re: No sync in console mode upon vt-switch

I also have a very similar problem.

I have nForce 430, GeForce 6150 (not sure if that is redundant?); my monitor is a 23 inch Apple cinema display.

I had an older monitor that I replaced yesterday with the ACD; I installed the latest nvidia linux amd64 bit driver successfully and my old monitor worked fine. In the process I set the runlevel to 3;

Thinking it was the safest thing to do, I booted up with the ACD at runlevel 3 but I got the "blank" screen of death right from the start. No setup/bios console stuff just "blank";

I searched the internet for hours trying to find similar experiences and there were a few but there were no solutions. What I didn't realize is that my setup would not work in "text/console" mode (runlevel 3).

Based upon a hunch from reading some posts, I again booted into runlevel 3 with the ACD.

I gave sufficient time for the boot to come to the login prompt.

Then I carefully logged into to the root account (remember I have a "blank" screen).

Hoping that I successfully logged in, I issued the command to change the runlevel to 5 and start X which for me is:

#telinit 5 // carefully typing this so that I made no mistakes cuz I couldn't see anything

and bam: X started just fine!

When in X, I was able to edit xorg.conf and set things up correctly for the ACD. I also set the runlevel to 5 for boot and rebooted successfully launching the x-server. But the screen is completely blank until the Xserver is started by init.

I cannot visit the console mode / bios setup stuff at all which is a major issue.

Is there a fix for this? I am using the absolutely latest bios.
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