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Default Re: screens 's resolution llmited to 800x600 with 9xxx drviers

According to the bug report, the EDID getting returned from your CRT has bogus data:
(--) NVIDIA(0): --- EDID for @@@ (CRT-1) ---
(--) NVIDIA(0): Maximum Image Size : 65535mm x 65535mm
(--) NVIDIA(0): Valid HSync Range : 4294967 kHz - 0 kHz
(--) NVIDIA(0): Valid VRefresh Range : -1 Hz - 0 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): EDID maximum pixel clock : 0.0 MHz

Unless this problem didn't exist in older drivers, this looks like an issue with your CRT. You can attempt to work around it by setting UseEDID to false in the Device section of xorg.conf. See the driver README for more information.

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