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Default Re: DVD and video playback on LCD HDTV

Originally Posted by Bman212121
it will most likely be at whatever rest your player outputs. Most tvs don't upscale the video, so it will most likely be in 480i. (It just streches the image to fit the screen.) If you get a newer dvd player, you can probably find one that does 480p or can upscale the picture to whatever you want.
I'm using my Lite-On DVD burner for DVD playback on my existing 19in CRT.....and DVD's look great, but they're at 1:1 pixel ratio aren't they?

So if the HDTV can't upscale, then won't a stretched DVD lose PQ?

I'm assuimg that stretched means "double or increase size, but lose PQ"
I'm assuming that upscale means.."double or increase size, but maintain PQ via the TV's video processor".
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