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Default Re: DVD and video playback on LCD HDTV

Originally Posted by Bman212121
I probably can't give you the best definition, but in the context of how I was referring to it, is that streching is like taking a magnifing glass to zoom the picture, you are still using the same number of pixels to create the image, and thus it appears jaggy and not very crisp. If you use an upscaler, the device adds in extra pixels to the image, to help smooth out the image. The source file may be low, but the upscaler tries to improve the picture by blending in extra pixels into the image. I'm not sure if that is the "correct" definition of how it does it, but it is something to that effect.
Ok, based on that, stretching an image sux, but upscaling is fine.
At this stage, I'm just planning on getting a 32-40inch LCD HDTV for my PC, so that means I'll still be using my PC's DVD such, I need to make sure that the TV can upscale DVD and 576i/576p content otherwise the image quality will be laughable{I have a HDTV capture card as well}

I thought your explanation was excellent btw.

I guess the new 40inch Samsung 1920x1080 LCD HDTV's would have to have built in upscale circuitry, otherwise even a 720p broadcast would look small @1:1, 1280x720p.
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