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Default Re: Linux / NVIDIA / and 3D apps

Well, well!! All the same usual, big big NVIDIA problem!!!! Dude, to be frank with you, i cannot really reccomend you any linux distro in particular. But let's face it: NVIDIA driver installation nowadays is really starting to piss everyone off, be it on any distro!!! I've been using Fedora for quite some time now and I've always been 'Nvidia' on vga.. 3d driver was never an issue for me previously! It was straight forward: download nvidia-glx...rpm, nvidia-bla-bla.rpm and the file, rpm everything, stop X, root install NVIDIA installer, edit xorg.conf and reboot/restart X... Next thing I'm doing is blasting monsters/imps in Doom3!

Now I'm using a 64bit Edgy Eft (ubuntu), used Dapper last year...Everything ok, installable from apt-get or synaptic, be it DVD player or cd ripper, lame encoder, dvd burner, etc, etc...all the same bla-bla u could get on Windoze...But coming to the latest Nvidia drivers, which changed a lot of versions since the time i left Fedora, u get mad, u get really really mad!

I had a hell-of-a-time with version 9746, the lastest from Nvidia... But i guess, I got a bit lucky with it, considering my limited experience of linux... After more than a week of struggle , i managed to get a 3D-accelerated-Nvidia-v9746 running machine....BUT, BUT, this time, no least, what I found was that I removed nvidia-glx from /etc/init.d/ and after installing everything again, it is there no more. I've tried some 3d games which run more-or-less ok, but dunno how to get GLX running again... tried reinstalling the nvidia-glx-xxx.deb package several times but no luck... I'm leaving everything running as-it-is for some while until I get crazy again and re-start messing with the drivers again!!!

Anyway, hope u get what ur looking for bro... But 1 thing is for sure: Linux rocks!!!!!
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