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Default Re: 8800 GTX Performance (9746)

Originally Posted by bpepers
I'll give that a try as soon as I can figure out where in kubuntu they've hidden the screen to change the desktop theme. I would have thought it would be under the System Settings and then Appearance or Desktop but I don't see anything there with a desktop theme setting where I can change it from Crystal to something else. Any hints???
I ran kontrol manually and that allowed me to change the theme. After changing the theme to Keramik, the speed is much better. Its still not 100% but at least I can grab a large window and drag it around without everything coming to a halt and it moving in jerky steps. It is still slower than Crystal was on my 7900 card so there is still a problem but it looks like the problem is really bad when using the Crystal theme in particular. There are still pauses when switching desktops but its not as bad as before.

I think its all pointing to the speed problem already reported with the 9746 driver and I hope there is a fix in the next version that we can test to make sure that it was the problem!
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