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Default Feature request nvidia installer (bug report?)

Hello List,

the nvidia installer has the option:


This should do everything but do not install the kernel module. Currently it
checks if the module is present and stops working.
This is wrong!


If you have an automaticall update running which updates MESA,
the /usr/include/* files will be overwritten, and the ldconfig sets
libGL to the mesa version.

A user works on the maschine. It is not necessary to logout the
user and go telinit 3 only to overwrite/remove the Mesa installations.

You can have for example a simple trigger rpm,


sh /opt/ --no-kernel-module

which afterwards overwrites the Mesa settings.

So my feature request, or maybe its already a bug is:

When --no-kernel-module is given

- dont check for kernel module
- install the userspace components


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