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Default HDMI issues

At least a year, if not 2 ago I bought a DVD/VHS combo player that can upscale DVD movies. I think the model is, SD-V592, but I found to my dismay after I bought it that it only upscales with HDMI... but seeing has I didn't have a TV at the time that had HDMI in, I didn't get to use it.

Now I do have a TV that has HDMI in it, and I can't get the stupid HDMI connection to work on my TV. The Manuel says to just hit the HDMI button, and it will say "HDMI" on the screen. However mine on says "OFF" when I hit the HDMI button and the TV says weak or no signal. The TV is the Samsung HL-S5687W. I'm using the HDMI cable that came with the player. I have not fought with it for very long becuase I only got the TV Sunday, and my 360 can upscale to 1080p as opposed to 1080i of the DVD player, but I would still like to get it to work.
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