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Default AC2 on the FX


When I purchased my new PC I installed AC2 at the highest possible quality lvl, which required you to use the 3rd disk for most of the install, now when running at the selected lvl (which was still only high) I had a slow degrade of quality that eventualy made my computer reboot mid-game, the quailty was very very nice until it started to degrade. So I run it now at Medium and it works like a champ, I no longer have any lag with a group full of minors running around, and everything still looks very good, the water detail is amazing. I personaly wouldn't think you will see that much of a difference, even though AC2 claims to be a FX compatible game, with the current drivers it just doesn't allow us to use the full strength of the FX.


****Zimm, how well does AC2 run on the FX?

I have a Radeon 9700 Pro and it's driving me crazy.

Some of my biggest gripes are the problems in AC2... specifically, Pixel Shaders cause all sorts of visual artifacts that get worse over time. Shadows cause horrible lagging.
And the cat 3.3 betas crash after about 30 seconds in game (3.2s crash less often, and 3.0s the least.... funny how that works).

I'm considering the move to a 5800U if I can find one, after reading of BK's satisfaction with the card.

So what problems have you had with AC2? It *is* a system resource hog... but I'm okay with that
No memory leaks in the game (any more) as far as I can tell.***
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