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Originally Posted by thor1182
I have it on the HDMI input, and it says that. I can get picture from the component if I switch to it, but it goes down to 480p. The TV knows its connected, but doesn't get a signal from it.

I half wonder if its something wrong with the cable in terms of handshake issues. I thought the thing with HDMI is to make it easier to connect things, but if this is the norm of how HDMI lives, I hope the standard dies a horrible death.
OK. Sorry to ask stupid questions but one can rarely tell the knowlege level of a person with the problem so it's best to start with the obvious stuff. Plus, you wouldn't believe the people I've run into who don't know to switch the source on their TV (Hello, brother-in-law) for their various input devices.

Here's another stupid question - Looking through the manual for your DVD player there's an HDMI button on the front that you have to press to enable HDMI (which also disables component and S-VGA output from the player). I'm assuming you've pressed that button?
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