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Default Problem Installing Fedora Core 6 with 8800GTX

I have a Dell XPS 710 with dual 8800GTX cards and I am trying to do a fresh install of Fedora Core 6. Everytime the Anaconda setup gets to the point of Probing my video card, it probes it, then I get a clear blue screen display shown and nothing happens after that.

I tried to use text-only mode from the setup command-line "linux text" and that didn't work. Then I saw someone say they disabled acpi by using the cmd string "linux noapic acpi=off". So I tried that and I tried "linux text noapic acpi=off". Still I get the machine sitting there just after probing the video card.

Has anyone run across this issue?? The XPS 710 uses the nForce 590 SLI MCP board. I tried it with both a single SATA drive and then a single IDE drive. I don't know what to try now.
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