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Default Re: 1080i Bug with Component Video Output 6150

Well, I haven't found a way to bypass the mode size, but I would like to get something like this setup:

I really would like the following lines to work (to reduce the desktop size inside the displayed picture):
# My 1760x960in1080i mode
Mode "in1080i"
DotClock 74.52
HTimings 1760 1888 2096 2208
VTimings 960 1012 1028 1126
Flags "-HSync" "-VSync" "Interlace"

Is this not possible due to the nvidia drivers now? -v
the Nvida readme on there driver is explicit is saying: “Additionally, the NVIDIA driver contains a hardcoded list of mode sizes that it can drive for each combination of TV encoder and TV standard. Therefore, custom modelines in your X configuration file are ignored for TVs.”
Can we bypass the hard-coded modelines? or have the metamodes support this?

note: my HDTV does not support 720p... and the HD576p doesn't work with my components... just the blue is displayed :[
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