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Originally Posted by daffydee

Click (or double-click) on the Director Icon like you normally do to run it... the program is starting, but hiding.

After a second or two, hit <ALT><Space> on the keyboard. That will "pop-up" a dialog box... click "Minimize" (may have to click it twice). You will then see the Director icon appear in the taskbar. Click the taskbar Director button and the program will then come up and work normally.


put the following text in a .txt file with Notepad and save as a .js file, give it any name, put file somewhere on your pc and change the target for your HP Director icon so that it goes to the .js file. HP Director should now open normally although larger box than usual!

var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var dirfile="C:\\Program Files\\Hewlett-Packard\\Digital Imaging\\bin\\Hpqdirec.exe";
var oExec = WshShell.Exec(dirfile);
WshShell.SendKeys("%( )"); //equivalent of Alt+spacebar
WshShell.SendKeys("nn"); //equivalent of click minimize twice
oExec = WshShell.Exec(dirfile);

I have to let you know that YOU ROCK.. on several levels. I was having the same problem (with IE 7) and did several annoying things to try and solve to no avail. I googled, found this forum, read your sage words, and Yahoo!!! it worked. Thanks.. Cora
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