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Default Re: 6800GT On My Power Supply?

My specs are in my signature below. The 6800GT is running fine on a 380Watt TruePower power supply. Its maximum output is 18amps on the 12volt rail.

What you have to find out is the maximum amperage for your power supply's 12volt rail. The amperage should be marked on the power supply itself underneath a column that says "+12v"

The minimum power requirement for the 6800GT is usually 300W. So, I think you should be ok. But, just to be sure, take a look at the amperage stats on your powersupply.

edit - oh, and to answer your second question, the 6800GT should be a nice upgrade. A better deal would probably be the 7600GT, or even a 7900gs. What price were you offered for the 6800GT?
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