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Default NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!


In current I have a ATI X800XL card on my computer. I've been more into Linux lately because I like the OS very much, and also because of Windows Vista which seems to make it harder for software-developers (especially small ones) creating their applications to the public (no offense to DirectX and Microsoft's game-developement packs). I want more freedom on my computer, and it feels like Vista is not making it easier. Anyway, now to the point. I've noticed that the perfomence on my ATI-card is lesser when used in Linux than in Windows. I know it is the drivers that is bad, and ATI seems not to support Linux very well because of their un-optimized drivers (e.g. bad texture-quality in Quake4). I'm planning to buy a new graphics-card for now, and my thought's is to get a NVIDIA-card. The reason is it seems you have good support for your customers, and I hope you'll create good OPTIMIZED drivers for Linux, in the same class as for Windows. So, to the question, how is the performance in Linux compared to Windows? How well is OpenGL supported? Are you trying make the drivers as good as in Windows? Are you planning to skip Linux and put all your resources on Windows?

Convince me buying a NVIDIA-card and make me hope that you'll create drivers that works in the same performance as in Windows in OpenGL etc.


Edit: Sorry thought this was the official NVIDIA forum.

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