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Default Twinview doesn't behave as I want anymore

Recently I reinstalled gentoo on my computer, and I reused a few configuration files from the old gentoo installation, among these I reused /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Everything went just fine, except for one thing, twinview seems to behave a bit different now, than it used todo on my old gentoo installation.

Old behavior: (which I prefer)
KDE is aware of the two screens (2x1280x1024) and maximising windows make them to maximise on the current screen only.
I see screen 1 and screen 2 in the kde display panel (accessed via the desktop rightclick menu)

New behavior:
KDE seems to see only one screen at 2560x1024, and therefor making the applications not aware of the both screens, maximising them make them to maximise over both screens.
I see only one screen (screen 1) at kde display panel with the mentioned resolution above.

My question is now: How do I make KDE and other window managers to become aware of the two screens again? Note that I reused the xorg.conf, which worked as I prefered in the old gentoo installation, no changes made. So the fault can't be there.
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