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Originally Posted by Despotes
Go to CC and check out the Samsung. You may not be sensitive to the rainbow effect. Most aren't.
That particular JVC model doesn't have an adjustable iris for controlling brightness.
I give the nod to the Sammmy. (I just picked up the Sony KDS-50A2000 yesterday from CC. Outstanding pic!) A little more $$ than the Sammy, but worth it.
BestBuy carries the JVC models if you wannna check 'em out.

Check out the Cnet reviews for more info--

Better hurry--I just noticed the pre SB sales are ending.
Good point about the FA97. You'd definitely want the adjustable iris in the JVC or else they cannot be properly calibrated. Costco sells the FC97 series which does have the adjustable iris. It doesn't have the VGA port, but you don't want to use VGA with the JVC anyway since it is restricted to 640x480 and 1024x768. Using DVI-->HDMI is the only way to go with the JVC sets.
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