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Default Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!

Well indeed this is not official nVidia forums, and some of your question are easily answered by looking for yourself on nVidia website for drivers...

User point of view, I switched from ATI to nVidia because of Linux 5 years ago. For example, a little bit later, nVidia released a 64bit beta driver for Linux when ATI was still saying that there was no need for a 64bits driver because Windows was not ready (that one really pissed me off). Anyway nVidia was years ahead of ATI on Linux support.

Is it perfect ? no, nothing is. But latest beta driver support for 8800 card was released at about same time as for Windows.

In our research labs, nVidia became default choice for all Linux machines so it just works. I think nVidia realized that and I doubt it will "skip" Linux support as you said any time soon considering the edge it has over ATI on that matter.

Now AMD might try to reduce the gap but it will take time.

PS: I am not saying ATI card are bad at all. ex-ATI fan of the Radeon AIW 8500.
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