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Default Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!

well i was an ati fan myself.. yeeeears ago and i got disgusted by their linux support.. it's not even a joke... When i bought my nvidia i solved all of my problems. I use 3D for development, gaming, 3d composite effects on my desktop using beryl/compiz, etc. and everything is smooth, fast, stable. On gentoo the installation is so easy but afaik it's the same on other distros.. so you won't spend time trying to install the driver (like i did with the ati drivers). Performace with opengl is the same as in windows, so you won't miss much from the corresponding windows drivers. Releases are not that often, but i find the drivers pretty complete (maybe missing a few small things) that i don't mind. With new graphics cards you usually get new drivers as well.. and no, i really don't see nvidia dropping support for linux. Too many companies need/want those drivers...
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