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Default Re: Twinview doesn't behave as I want anymore

A little more information as I have been searching around and testing various configurations:
xorg.conf works well (except for a few font paths, but I'll manage those later on, since they're not vital for the twinview configuration)

I found out that other window managers are aware of the two screens, and do behave as I prefer, for example fluxbox.
The only desktop environment that do NOT behave as I want is KDE 3.5.6-r2 (meta build)
First I thought it had something with the xinerama USE-flag to do, but thats not the case.
It is however enabled as it always been (it's needed to make applications and window managers/desktop managers to be aware of the multiple screen configuration, no matter if it is twinview or xinerama)

I believe the problem might be with KDE, but I'm not sure about it thou, and maybe there is something I "forgot" in my configuration files...
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