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Unhappy boot console on gf2/mx400 tv-out

Hi people.

I bought a GeForce2/MX400 64MB from XFX Graphics (a Pine division).

The card is working ok, except one thing (which is the main reason why i bought it): the README.TXT on the linux drivers says it will assume console on TV if a monitor is not detected on the first port. It's not happening...

I'm using S-Video (but it will not work with composite too), and i'm using original svideo cable (have tried with other too).

Once the machine is up, i can use TV, it will even assume the first head is the TV when without a monitor, but only when X starts (until there, i get just a black screen).

As you can see on this site:
this guy has made it with a
"Video Card - Nvidia Geforce 4 MX-420", if you go to the screenshots you'll see the machine booting (EPA logo and counting memory) on TV.

Is that an exclusive feature of GeForce4, or should i return this Pine one and get another brand?

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