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Default Re: 7950 GT/GX2 configuration problem

Originally Posted by Jyh-Shyong
With the following configuration:
SuSE 10.2,
VGA card: NVIDIA 7950GX2, 7950GT, 7800GTX

sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia
completes without error, however, the VGA card is recognized as VESA Framebuffer graphics for 7950GX2 and 7950GT, only 7800GTX can be recognized
correctly. Is this a problem on SuSE/sax2 ?

I also tried the new driver (9746), the sax2 command failed for not finding xgl and nvidia modules.

hi there!

i had the same problem with SLED10 and openSUSE 10.2. i had been fighting for a week and finally succeded.
i had nvidia logo, i had correct xorg.conf, but no 3d at all. after reading a lot of nvidia-linux stuff i just ran into this:

after running "nvidia-settings" from terminal my entire xorg.conf has changed into something new. At the SaX2 the "Enable 3d" is still grey, but i could turn on the Desktop effects (whatever its name is, i dont have an English version) and it is WORKING!

I hope u manage to achieve the same result. Please write a short reminder!
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