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Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Whats the price difference for a comparable model on the Mitsubishi?
Well at Circuit City the Samsung 50 inch you were asking about is on sale now for $1709 and the 52 inch WD-52631 Mitsubishi like I have is $2099 not on sale and the Mits 57 inch WD-Y57 is on sale for $2099. If you had asked a couple weeks ago The WD-52631 was $1799 and the WD-Y57 was $1899.
Now I would much rather buy at a local store like Circuit City, Best Buy etc. but if you want to go with Amazon the Samsung is $1399 and the Mits 52 inch is $1599.

Not sure why so many on here skip over the Mitsubishi's as they have a great reputation and are outstanding in picture quality and build.
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