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Originally posted by Hellbinder
Yeah right.. sure it beats the 9700pro.

Especially when you engineer the Settings to favor Nvidia. How convenient for you'all that there are so many unscroupulous web sites out there eh??
We all know that the reviewers have different results from normal users. We also know that an R300 clocked at 472MHz core and 720MHz memory is also faster than a NV30.

Of course you don't see many reviewers or even many users at those speeds. Hence with the fillrate available to me and the lack of bandwidth for the fillrate to be 100% utilised, my results are strange.

I would suggest people read the Beyond3D reviews as they tend to be very detailed.

Hellbinder, when comparing maximum IQ settings you are very right. The 9700 would wreck havoc on the NV30 regardless and unless a driver speeds up the heavy IQ modes by 150% (for exact numbers look for my percentage thread somewhere on these forums) otherwise there is no possible way for the NV30 to compete at max IQ.

By max IQ I mean max AF with trilinear and maximum AF modes that can be possibly forced. 16x AA in GL (or was it in D3D? I am 95% sure it is in GL. 8x in D3D) on the NV30 etc...

Some say this isn't fair but if you want to compare the framerate on max IQ settings then it's the only way to go.
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