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So this is the conclusion:

"Inno3D Tornado GeForce FX 5800 is not the best performing card you can find out there in the market especially with Radeon 9800 Pro cards around. Even Radeon 9700 Pro cards can offer better gaming performance at similar price point at the current moment. However, there are already some evidences that next generation games like Doom III will be able to perform better on NV30 architecture and also the games written on Cg programming will be able to utilize the engine to the fullest. Definitely, there are a number of consumers out there who prefer to stick with NVIDIA based cards for better compatibilities with games."

So they recomend this card because it MIGHT play doom 3 a little better than the r300 and r350 series, that one or two games using cg MIGHT run faster on the card, and that SOME consumers (did they form a survey and get reliable sources for this?) prefer it because nvidia (supposedly) has more compatablility with games.

That's the weakest form of logic I've ever seen in an article.

I'm all for nvidia producing some decent cards BUT this card is not one of them even based on their own premise.

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