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Default Re: CoolIT Systems Anyone Tried?

Originally Posted by T.h.o.m.a.s.
the new coolermaster will keep the quad @ a nice temperature
i'll get one when there are available , it uses 2 120mm fans .
the freezone has one 92 mm fan ?? to cool a quad and three tecs ,
it prolly has to run at full speed all the time will be far more noisy as the two 120mm fans at low speed
The Freezone has 6 TEC's cooling the ethylene glycol in the loop. It is fully adjustable via the Thermal Control Module and doesn't make much noise at all. Anyway, who cares about noise when gaming because I have my 5.1's cranked or the headphones on. Check out the temps in my previous post. That was under full Orthos load for over 19 hours. No air cooler can hope to touch 34C at 2.95Ghz 1.45v on a dual-core Opty. Plus, I got my Freezone brand new on eBay for only $250.
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