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Default Re: CoolIT Systems Anyone Tried?

Originally Posted by T.h.o.m.a.s.
and the freezone does not cool everything around your cpu , so you may have cool cpu but very hot heatpipes around it , while the coolermaster does that very well

when i have the gemeni on my quad , i will post my results for it
Did you see the pic of my rig that I posted? It's a Coolermaster 810. I have three 120mm fans, two of them high-capacity, going right up the front of the case blowing air unimpeded across my entire motherboard. There is an additional 120mm rear and 80mm blowhole doing exhaust duty, in addition to the Freezone's 92mm. I've cleaned up the wiring even more, gone SATA for my DVD burner, and to say that I have excellent ventilation would a colossal understatement.

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